The Bench-Top LabScope™

Advanced Micro-Fluoroscopy for Animal Based Biomedical Research

Bench-Top LabScope

This system is for Small Animal Imaging with extraordinarily high resolution, variable magnification and the smallest footprint ever seen.

The Bench-Top LabScope is a small C-Arm micro-fluoroscopy system that employs Glenbrook’s patented* micro-fluoroscopic technology with 25 and 50 mm field of view (optional). This system has the highest fluoroscopic resolution available, with the ability to magnify real-time fluoroscopic images 20 to 50 times or more with the resolution to view individual stent wires.

Small animal studies are performed at approximately 30 kV, 200 microAmps, resulting in an extremely low entrance dose rate to the animal of 35 milliRads per hour and minimal collateral scatter.

The x-ray source has a 10 micron focal spot with tungsten beam collimator for shaping beam and minimizing scatter. Anode voltage can be varied (0 to 30 kV) and similarly variable current (0 to 200 microAmps).

The system is complete, as shown, with computer and GTI-2000 Image Processing software. The fluoroscopic image processing software performs noise reduction, image freeze, measurement (when calibrated to a scale), gray scale adjustment and can store images as jpg files or record and save fluoroscopic videos as avi or wmv files.


Operating voltage: 120v/220v/50-60Hz
Anode voltage: 0 to 30 kV adjustable.
Anode current: 200 micro-amps adjustable
Field of view: 25 or 50 mm diameter.
Base Resolution: 20 line pairs per millimeter.
Magnification: 7 to 50 X (variable)
Focal spot size: 10 microns
Warranty: 1 year

* This technology is covered under US patent number 7,426,258 and is only available from Glenbrook Technologies.


Bench-Top LabScope for small animal fluoroscopic imaging applications. Used for Dysphagia research with mice.


The Bench-Top LabScope in use at NYU School of Medicine for the training of cochlear implant surgeons.

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