A high performance real-time X-ray inspection system designed for inspection of multi-layer, assembled printed circuit boards, with dense metal BGAs, and recommended for lead free inspection requirements.

Our RTX-113HV system meets all your needs for inspecting BGA packages, including BGAs that contain dense metal heat sinks that require a higher voltage X-ray source to clearly identify and troubleshoot production faults. The cabinet design permits easy integration into even the busiest production environments, and is totally upgradeable with many of the options listed below.

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  • Multi-layer PCBs
  • Small Hole Drilling
  • BGA Inspection
  • Backplane Boards


  • 50"H x 60"W x 33"D (1270mm x 1524mm x 838.2mm)
  • Operating Voltage: 120v/220v, 50-60hz
  • Contrast Resolution: Can resolve .001 gold wire
  • Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mm (with MicroTech™ option, up to 100 lp/mm)
  • Anode Voltage: 80kV
  • Anode Current: 150 microamps (internal adjustment)
  • Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance: 4-6" (101.6mm - 152.4mm)
  • XRTV Zoom Camera (4X-50X magnification)


  • Image Processing with BGA and Void measurement software
  • Micro-Tech™ 10-micron X-ray Source (up to 225 magnification)
  • Manual/Motorized X-Y positioner
  • Variable Angle Viewing allows 45 degree viewing
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