RTX-113 Micro-30™

A High Magnification X-ray inspection System Compact, Simple & Easy to use.

The new RTX-113 Micro 30 X-ray Inspection System, with enormous capability, is compact enough to fit in a lab or on the production floor. The system employs a pc controlled 40 to 80 kV x-ray tube with 30 micron focal spot and our patented XRTV x-ray camera technology now enhanced with Crystal X Imaging for higher contrast. This combination advances our RTX Series for higher resolution and magnification requirements allowing up to 100x geometric and 225x optical magnification.

Applications include Small Hole Drilling of PC Boards, BGA’s, Micro BGA’s, QFN, LED, Medical Devices and more.



• Magnification: up to 100x geometric + 225x optical

• Dimensions: 44”H x 42”W x 24”D Operating
Voltage: Auto Switching 120v or 220v

• Contrast Resolution: Can resolve .001 gold wire

• Spatial Resolution: 20lp/mm up to 100lp/mm

• Anode Voltage: 40Kv-80Kv (PC Controlled)

• Anode Current: 20-150 microamps


• Motorized X-Y Positioning

• 25mm or 50mm Diameter FOV

• Available with GTI-2000, 3000 or
5000 Image Processing Software


Small Hole Drilling of PC Boards:  Now inspect drilled holes as small as 4 mil. using geometric and optical magnification up to 225x. You can accurately measure x y drill offset using the GTI-3000 image processing software.

BGA Inspection:  Check for voids, opens, shorts and insufficient reflow.  You can measure BGA Ball Size, Ball Roundness and Void Size using the advanced features of the GTI-5000 image processing software.  It’s ideal for quick process inspection for
more advanced image analysis.

Component Authenticity:  Many of the largest component distributors throughout the world use Glenbrook machines to check for counterfeit devices.  The system is ideal to check for consistency in lead frame, die size and wire bonds.  An optional reel to reel feature is available to automatically inspect and compare component on a full reel.

LED Inspection: Quickly and easily inspect LED’s for voids.  Additional void measurement is available by using the GTI-5000 image processing software.

Medical Devices:  The system is ideal to inspect catheters, stents, medical electronics and many other medical devices.

Small Hole Drilling of Multilayer PC Board QFN Inspection

Small Hole Drilling of Multilayer PC Board:
Misregistration on 6mil hole to pad

QFN Inspection
Shorts on QFP Package

Voids in BGA Package Voids in LED Device

BGA Inspection:
Voids in BGA Package

LED Inpsection:
Voids in LED Device

Inspection of medical device

Medical Device:
Inspection of medical device

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