Glenbrook's New Reel-to-Reel Option for Component Inspection


Reel-to-Reel GTI-4000Request Product Information



  • Available as an upgrade for Glenbrook RTX Series and Jewel Box Series of machines
  • Available for use with Dual-VU real time x-ray and vision inspection systems
  • Includes built in component counter
  • Image processing software for measurement, text, labels, markers, 3D rendering, video recording, and image download
  • Affordable, compact and easy to use


  • 42"H x 42"W x 24"D (1066.8mm x 1066.8mm x 609.6mm)
  • Operating Voltage: 120v, 60hz or 220v, 50hz
  • Contrast Resolution: Can resolve .001 gold wire
  • Spatial Resolution: 20 lp/mm (with MicroTech™ option, up to 100 lp/mm)
  • Anode Voltage: 35-52kV
  • Anode Current: 20-50 microamps (internal adjustment)
  • Focal Spot to Image Plane Distance: 4-6 inches
  • X-ray Activation Mode: foot pedal or timer switch


  • Image Processing/Advanced transfer capabilities
  • XRTV Zoom Camera (4X-50X magnification)
  • Micro-Tech™ 10-micron X-ray Source (225X)
  • BGA and Void Measurement software
  • Manual/Motorized X-Y positioner
  • Variable Angle Viewing allows 45 degree viewing
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