X-ray Inspection Services and Rentals

Glenbrook Technologies offers x-ray inspection services performed in our Applications Laborary.

applications library

Real-time high magnification x-ray inspection systems employing Glenbrook's advanced x-ray technology.

Applications include:
  • Quality Assurance Testing of Electronic Assemblies including BGAs, Micro-BGAs, PCBs, Flip Chips and SMT

  • Medical Device Inspection

  • Forensic Evidence Studies in cases such as fires and accidents

Medical Device Gemology Electronic Assemblies
medical device x-ray gemology x-ray electronic assemblies x-ray


Materials Evaluation Forensic Evidence LED
materials evaluation x-ray forensic evidence x-ray LED x-ray


All Glenbrook systems are available for rental. Contact us for rates.


Rapid Turnaround X-Ray Inspection Services

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