JewelBox Series Real-time X-ray Inspection Systems


Watch the latest client video from Radwell International and how they use Glenbrook's The JewelBox-70T for x-ray inspection of BGAs, counterfeit chips, and more.


Glenbrook JewelBox systems feature ultra-high resolution, powerful microfocus x-ray tubes, five-axis, and positioners. The JewelBox Series is divided into three broad categories: JewelBox 70-T, JewelBox 90-T and Ultra Compact each of which can be customized for specific applications.



The JewelBox-70T delivers superior image quality with excellent resolution and sensitivity for laboratory and failure analysis applications. The system's 10-micron MicroTech™ x-ray source provides magnification from 7X to 2000X, with resolution of 100 line pairs/mm.


The JewelBox-90T delivers precision x-ray images of ultra-high resolution and grey scale accuracy without the aberrations of voltage blooming and pincushioning prevalent in other systems.

JewelBox-70TUltra Compact

Glenbrook Technologies redefines X-ray Inspection with our smallest JewelBox Micro focus x-ray system yet. With dimensions of just 22”W x 26”L, it’s small enough to fit on a standard desk, in an office or small lab. But it’s big in capabilities with >500x magnification ,5 axis manipulator and advanced image processing.

JewelBox MagnaJewelBox Magna

Our newest system-The JewelBox Magna is designed for larger devices such as automotive car seats and other large objects that need a sizable system.


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When used with the GTI-5000 Image Processing Workstation, JewelBox x-ray inspection systems become powerful tools to evaluate applications.

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