The LabScope™

Magnification Fluoroscopy for Small Animal-Based Research

Patented fluoroscopic technology at a fraction of the cost of clinical C-arms. X-ray image resolution and magnification that opens new research possibilities.

This study successfully employed Glenbrook's LabScope™ for use with murine disease model mice for the purpose of facilitating translational dysphagia research.


Fluoroscopic resolution that permits real-time, in-vivo, x-ray recording of coronary angiography and orthopaedic procedures on small animals; all with a table top system at low radiation dose levels.


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The LabScope features Glenbrook's patented "Magnification Fluoroscopy" technology now providing the highest resolution, magnified fluoroscopic imaging for small animal research.


Glenbrook LabScope™ Reveals Highly Detailed In-Vivo Images for Orthopaedic Researchers

April 2010 (RANDOLPH, NJ) – When researchers at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan needed to look inside a Continue Reading →


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